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Professionals supporting the concept of Time Zone Revision

G. Reid, Investment Advisor

In the world of finance, New York is the Mecca and thus sets the time for major stock market trading in North America (and by default, the world). Since the US's stock markets combined, account for nearly 50% of the world's market the time zone in that state dictates the working patterns of those across the world. If living in the West and working in the securities industry is appealing as a career, be prepared to be at the office at 0630 PST five days a week for the opening of Wall Street. If you want to stay on top of investments, listen to conference calls and be in touch with the pulse on Wall Street, then you should be prepared to hit the office at 0500PST since Wall Street is already buzzing at 0800EST.

So an argument could be made that those in the East have an investment advantage simply based on time zones! In addition, the world of investments and finance can be very stressful (often rated as second in stress behind air traffic controllers) and as we live in a sleep deprived society to begin with, the extra time to sleep-in by the removal of one time zone could conceivably help investment professionals become more productive.

Captain C. McLean, Senior Pilot:

Although I have not given the idea of eliminating an entire time zone much thought, as one who flies Boeing 767's for Air Canada internationally I could support the concept of reducing the number of time zones. Crossing time zones disrupts one's circadian rhythms so that the fewer time zones you have to go across, the better it is. For example one of my favourite places to fly to is Hawaii because you are in the air for six hours but only have to adjust for a two hour time differential. Another example is that one of the more desirable or "senior" trips for commercial passenger jet pilots is the flight from Vancouver to Whitehorse and Los Angeles because although we were credited for seven hours of flying, it was done entirely within a single time zone. Compare this to going across Canada where although it also takes seven hours, you have to cross four time zones".

B.A. Holden, Senior Flight Attendant:

The idea of reducing the number of Time Zones should be pursued because it would reduce the number of hours that airline personnel would experience when flying across country and thus reduce jet lag fatigue. This is particularly important for younger flight attendants who do not have the experience of the more senior staff in dealing with both jet lag and emergency situations that might arise during routine passenger airline flights. Thus, reducing jet lag by even one hour would have significant values for both airline personnel and the traveling public.

Dr. L. Demarchi, Optometrist.

As an avid sports fan I think that reducing our time zones by one entire hour would be a boon to all TV sports fans who follow international sports including baseball, basketball, boxing, football, golf, hockey or tennis. People living west of the Eastern or Central Time Zones would not have to rush home from work just to catch the last hour of a two hour live sports event being telecast nationally to reach the East before folks go to bed- they would be able to watch the entire event. Nor would they have to stay up the extra hour for late evening events such as the Academy Awards. Just think about what that would do for our economy and for our productivity-we could work a full day, watch TV at a convenient time and still get eight hours of sleep.

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