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How Time Zones Affect the Election

Imagine yourself on the evening of a presidential election. Will the voters elect a Democrat or a Republican? The future of the country is going to be decided tonight and so far with all polls closed the race for the White House is too close to call.

ballotYou are excited but exhausted and frustrated. If you live on the East Coast you can plan on being exhausted from waiting until well past midnight to hear the final returns. Those on living on the west coast may be frustrated by voting when votes have already been tabulated in the east, asking themselves, Will my vote count?

The three hour time difference between the Eastern and Pacific time zones in Canada creates an even more serious problem. Because of the much higher proportion of the population in Canada that live in the Eastern Time Zone, federal elections there are often decided long before the polls even close in the west.

Do you have to resign yourself to exhaustion or frustration because of an arbitrary decision made 124 years ago that divided the contiguous USA into four and Canada into six (or 5 ½ depending on how you look at it) standardized time zones?

There IS a simpler way to divide the continent into more sensible time zone divisions. The Presidential Election could start on the east coast one half hour later and end on the West Coast one half hour earlier, reducing the time differential between the Eastern and Pacific time zones from three hours to two and giving those 80% of folks living in the Eastern and Central time zones an extra hour of sleep.

On election night, the time zone system in effect today unnecessarily inconveniences folks on both sides of the continent and in both countries, especially westerners whether Americans or Canadians This helps to make the phrase, western alienation more than just a slogan

It is time for a change-a change in the way that North Americans, from Alaska through Canada, the contiguous USA to Mexico observe time.

This website is dedicated to the concept of reducing North American Time Zones by one complete Zone in a manner that will bring all three countries closer together, from east to west and from north to south. Time for a change-Time to change our time zones!

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