More on Samoa’s bold time zone move

On Fareed Zakaria’s CNN program Global Public Square (GPS June 26, 2011), Mr. Zakaria stated, “There’s much speculation about a lost decade for the United States economy. All Samoa had to do to rev up its economy is lose a day. I wish we had that option.”

Well, as a matter of fact Canada and the US do have that option! As my Website, explains, we could greatly increase our productivity by significantly increasing the amount of time that office workers on the East and West coasts have to communicate during any eight hour period directly simply by reducing the number of time zones shared by our two countries by one zone.

My Website explains the two basic ways that this could be done and the reasons why it should be done to restore our ailing economies. The simplest way would be to amalgamate the Mountain and Pacific Time zones While a more complicated means would be to delay each time zones from east to west by one half hour thus eliminating the Pacific Time Zone. Such a move would not cost the taxpayers anything and would do much to synchronize time across both Canada and the USA.

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