Millions of hours of work time lost.

NHL Boston and Vancouver fans affected by the three hour time differential in Stanley Cup playoffs.

Stanley Cup

The Prize!

The three hour time zone differential between the east and west coasts of North America was never made more apparent than to the fans watching the 2010-11 Stanley cup finals between the Boston Bruins and the Vancouver Canucks.

This year’s Stanley cup final is being played out over a greater distance than any in recent history with Vancouver and Boston spanning nearly 2500 miles (4000 kms) and three time zones with a significant impact on productive work losses.

Some Vancouver fans say they’ve adjusted their work schedules, taking an extra hour off of work to get home in time for the games, all of which were set for 8:00 pm EDT and 5:00 PM PDT. But is this true also of Boston Bruin fans who are literally losing sleep over the playoffs?

While in the west, it is still early in the evening when the games are finished, in the east it is approaching midnight by the time most fans get home from the games.

A simple reduction of one time zone would remove the loss of an hour’s work for millions of hockey fans in the afternoons in the west and the mornings in the east, another example of how reducing our time zones by one zone would benefit the economy of both the US and Canada.

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