An open letter to the Governors and Premiers of the Western North American US states and Canadian Provinces

As Western Governors and Premiers, you should be aware that all Americans and Canadians who live west of the Continental Divide are at a great disadvantage time wise than their fellow citizens who reside in more easterly time zones. Those of us who reside in the Pacific Time Zone can never hope to compete economically […]

More on Samoa’s bold time zone move

On Fareed Zakaria’s CNN program Global Public Square (GPS June 26, 2011), Mr. Zakaria stated, “There’s much speculation about a lost decade for the United States economy. All Samoa had to do to rev up its economy is lose a day. I wish we had that option.”

Well, as a matter of fact Canada and […]

One giant leap for tiny Samoa

Change time zone, change day and change year all in one go.

One small step for North America, one giant leap for Samoa.

Samoa changes time zone

Tiny Samoa in the South Pacific is going to make the bold move of changing from the eastern half of the globe to the western half […]

Time Zones and the NHL Stanley Cup

Time Zone Differences Take Their Toll on Stanley Cup Finalists.

Time zones do matter and especially when it comes to the NHL playoffs. Simliar to last year’s playoff between the Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins, this year the Stanley cup final is being played out over a greater distance between competing cities than any […]

Millions of hours of work time lost.

NHL Boston and Vancouver fans affected by the three hour time differential in Stanley Cup playoffs.

The Prize!

The three hour time zone differential between the east and west coasts of North America was never made more apparent than to the fans watching the 2010-11 Stanley cup finals between the Boston Bruins and the […]