An open letter to the Governors and Premiers of the Western North American US states and Canadian Provinces

As Western Governors and Premiers, you should be aware that all Americans and Canadians who live west of the Continental Divide are at a great disadvantage time wise than their fellow citizens who reside in more easterly time zones. Those of us who reside in the Pacific Time Zone can never hope to compete economically with our eastern cousins as long as we are separated by three full hours in a business day. The West is at a great disadvantage not only economically but politically and socially because of the time differential.

Working across time zones in North America

Other countries have and are making modifications in their time zones in order to increase economic and social communications between their citizens. China which is slightly wider than the contiguous USA has concluded that the entire country should operate on a single time zone; India which technically covers two time zones has reduced them to a single time zone and Russia recently joined the growing number of countries that have either consolidated their time zones or otherwise adjusted the clock to optimize daylight.

Tens of millions of sports fans are greatly inconvenienced in the both the west and the east when watching live sports events broadcast from the eastern and western time zones. For example, to try and accommodate the west when broadcasting major national events from the east, the event must occur an hour later than it normally would. Thus folks in the east stay up late watching the event on TV and arrive an hour short of sleep at work the next morning while folks in the west leave work early to avoid the peak of the commute and rush home in the hopes of catching at least the last half of the event

The three hour time difference between the Eastern and Pacific time zones in the USA and Canada creates an even more serious problem for our respective democratically elected governments. Because of the much higher proportion of the population in both countries that live in the Eastern Time Zone, federal elections are often decided long before the polls even close in the west.

Western alienation has come about as a result of the lack of attention paid to the west by Ottawa and Washington, respectively. There are two factors that contribute to our respective federal capitals’ relative historic lack of attention to the western portions of their countries– the first being distance and the second being time. We cannot do anything about the distance but we can improve the time factor and we can do this without any cost to the taxpayer or anyone for that matter! All we have to do is eliminate one time zone and there are several ways that this can be done, the simplest of which is to simply amalgamate the Mountain and Pacific Time Zones into a single Western Time Zone.

I have included a link to my website; . I respectfully suggest you have your research staff do a review of my site and brief you on the merits of this recommendation,

Yours truly,

Raymond A Demarchi
Retired British Columbia Chief of Wildlife


If you want to send this letter to the State Governors and Western Premiers, please copy this and paste it into an email and send it to (cut and paste into your To: field in your email):;;;

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